New for 2021 are a couple new video processing options to tailer your output. These have already been added to the standard request form so look for them on your next song request.

Video Resolution

Choose between 720p, 1080p, and 1440p for your output resolutions. The default is 1080p. Smaller resolutions process faster and generate smaller video sizes, bigger resolutions take longer and produce bigger video file sizes.

Number of Video Rows

The software does a pretty good job of picking a nice grid layout on it’s own, but sometimes that’s not exactly what you want. If you want to tune the layout a bit and pick the number of rows, you can do this now.

Cropping and Zooming

No matter what system you use to build virtual choir vidoes, there is always a challenge of fitting different video resolutions (some landscape, some portrait) into a fixed size grid spacing. Either you zoom and crop or you leave lots of blank wasted space. Do you try to zoom/crop to a face? This can get pretty fiddly if a performer moves partway through their recording! We offer two options:

  • Find Faces: this uses advanced facial detection libraries to find and track a face through the video performance. The system can do a close crop to each face and actually will slowly pan through the video if a person moves to try to keep them centered as much as possible. We try to account for groups if two or more people sing in a single video.
  • Zoom: this uses some simple rules to try to fill each grid area as best as possible, using minimal zooming, but minimizing wasted space. If you try to fit a portrait video into a landscape grid, some comprimises need to be made. This option does it’s best to split the difference and make everything look good.